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Ask a Wedding Professional – What about my bridesmaids?

As a rule, we generally advise brides to let their bridesmaids choose their own look for your wedding. You don’t want to have so much control over the party’s look that you all end up looking like twinsies. That said, you don’t want one of your bridesmaids to show up with bright pink hair on the day of your wedding, so just use caution when working with your friends on their wedding day beauty choices.

Also, if your all of your bridal party is getting their hair and makeup done by a professional, except one or two girls, you might want to caution them on this decision. We have worked on several weddings throughout the years where the girl who didn’t get her makeup done sticks out in the professional pictures from the wedding. If you are investing in a good photographer, it is important to invest in beauty as well. Generally in these cases, it’s best to work with your friend so that she can get her hair and makeup done too!

Finally, it is important to make extra sure that the bridesmaids who choose not to get their beauty done before the wedding stick with this decision. Last minute additions cause a lot of stress for your wedding artists since they are working against important deadlines for when all of you need to be ready.

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